Dancing in the Mist


Quality Sound Systems Give Great Music

The equipment represents the character of what the audience will hear. All Of “Nuthin' But Flava's” Equipment is  professional grade audio equipment We make every attempt to cover up and organize unsightly wires as not to deter from your event. Wireless microphones are used whenever possible. Professional grade equipment not only makes your event sound the best that it can, but also yields reliability. This supports an organized and professional image for your event.

We have a Modern sound system and We BRING the BASS! Your guests will remember your Party! We use a "Text in Request System" during your Event, your guest can text me their request and more


Nuthin' But Flava Flight is your mobile Event DJ Team. We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding cites. We provide mobile DJ services featuring R&B, Hip-Hop, Old School, Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues, EDM,Top 40 and other genre.

Some emcees/Disc Jockeys blab too much, stealing the thunder away from you or your special event. NBF emcees talk just enough while keeping the focus on you or Your Event.

La Robb Lee, also known as DJ Spice in the DJ circles, I have  a professional voice and have excellent Emcee skills! I have over 25+ years of wedding and nightclub experience.  DJ Spice is a mix-ologist, blending the beats together to maintain a seamless music mix. We can do your request with our text-in request system. You and your guest can text in their song request directly to me.

Tell your other DJ you have another, DJ Spice is my name, and spinning the black wax is my claim to fame.

I understand  budget may be a big factor in your decision, So let's  discuss your needs. I will strive to help make your special event the most magical occasion. Lets  discuss the various upgrade perks options to enhance your event. I also understand if you just want a quick price, or sky is the limit depending on your needs. With that said, I want to make sure you get the best deal to make your occasion memorable. It is especially important that we meet virtually by means of "Zoom" and discuss your event, to give you a fair quote.

Premium Class Service

This is my most popular and frequently requested package.This is "The Upgrade"

First flight Package w/

Ceremony Music

Wireless Microphones

Cocktail Music

Dinner Music

Reception Party Music

Party Dance Floor Lighting

With the addition of  sub woofers, Turn it down for what!

Starting @  $999

  • Up to 5 Hours of DJ Party Jams

  • Professional DJ Gear Presentation

  • Larger main Speakers & Subwoofers

  • Ceremony Audio equipment with Wireless System included

  • Professional Wireless Microphones

  • Upgrade Dance Floor party lighting.

  • Your inspired event and Music list

  • DJ Facade Mood up-lighting


First Flight

Wedding Reception

 This package is exactly what you need for your wedding reception. This will be a night to remember. Your first dance, to the very last song of the night, you and your guests will be dancing to your Jams and Hits  with your personalized playlist and guest requests..

Cocktail Music

Dinner Music

Reception Party Music

Party Dance Floor Lighting

Prices start @ $800*

  • Up to 5 Hours of Musical DJ Flight

  • Professional Wireless Microphones

  • Your inspired Event and Music list

  • DJ Facade Mood up lighting

  • Basic DJ lighting kit

Dj images.jpg

First Class

Boarding All First Class

You want your event to be the party of the year?  NBF can make your dream a reality with this package. This package includes:

Upgrade Package

Reception Room  Up Lighting

Moving Head Lighting on Totems

Choose one perk

*Digital Monogram Projector

*Dancing in he clouds

*Extra room speakers

Give me a call and schedule a consultation to see if the "First Class" package suits you and your upcoming event.

Prices start @ $1500*

  • 6 or more*Hours of  DJ Party Jams

  • Professional DJ Gear Presentation

  • Larger Professional Grade Audio Speakers with Sub-woofers

  • Ceremony Audio equipment with Wireless  System included

  • Professional Wireless Microphones

  • Color Coordinated and Dynamic room Up lighting.

  • Full Dance Floor LED Party lighting

  • Moving heads led lighting on totems

  • Your inspired Event and Music list

Events Perks:

  • *Full Room*  Up-lighting in your color Coordination. Let's elevate your wedding or event decor and Up-lighting can feel especially luxurious when used strategically around your wedding ceremony or reception venue.

  • *Digital Monogram*  You Design your own. Motion or Static,  LED Tv or Projector ,B/W Gobo Light. We provide the equipment.

  • *Separate Ceremony Sound System*  with handheld and/or lapel Wireless Mics Perfect for outdoor remote locations.

  • *Dancing on the Clouds*/ Video: Embellish your first dance with our elegant low-lying fog, creating a magical Dancing On the Clouds effect for your wedding or special event. Coming Mid 2021.

  • *Black or White* speakers, Totems, DJ Facade Mic stand and Microphone.

  • Head table and cake Lighting  Under table lighting and cake Pin spots.

  • Stars After Dark Media Package- two large LED TVs on Totems.

  • Extra Room Speakers/Monitors i.e. Cocktail room, patio, etc. 

  • Dance Floor party Lighting with GIGBAR Moves etc.

  • 100" Movie screen and Short Throw Projector.